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Helping you build your Most Valuable Asset

As an entrepreneur, you are passionate about solving your customers’ problems by developing and delivering excellent products and services. As an employer, you are providing a paycheck and valuable benefits to your team. As an entity, your business contributes to tax revenue, and shapes your community and the world we live in.

In other words, your business doesn’t just provide your livelihood. It creates economic impact. The contribution your business makes to your community makes your community more prosperous, vibrant and resilient. And your business is capable of doing even more! With the right strategy and support, your business can multiply its revenue, its value and its impact.

Yet many business owners treat their business like a job, a source of income – rather than their greatest asset. Maybe you do this too… It’s not your fault! Entrepreneurs rarely get a manual that teaches them how to multiply the value of their business. Nor do business owners have the time to figure it out. Between everyday minutiae, managing multiple priorities, and responding to our changing world, focusing on the ultimate vision for your company may never make it to the front burner… We are here to change that.

When we launched in 1999 as an outsourced accounting and CFO practice, we realized that traditional CFO services alone were not enough, so we got to work developing a framework that would enable our clients to not only keep accurate numbers and interpret them, but to proactively use them to optimize their businesses to maximize the value of their companies. We had no idea back then just how far that conviction vision would take us and our clients.

Now 20 years and hundreds of satisfied clients later, we use our Optimize2Maximize Blueprint to help 6- and 7- figure business owners grow their revenue and the value of their companies by shifting their mindsets, optimizing the systems across their organizations and transforming how they engage with their businesses.

Worked with Consultants, CFOs, CPAs and Coaches before?


My Valuable Business is going to be a different experience, because you won’t be just working with CFOs. You’ll be working with Business Engineers.

And we’ll help you build your business in the right order, starting with a solid foundation – no matter where you are on your journey. As business engineers, we listen to you to understand your goals and aspirations. We then work with you on designing, building, and executing your Optimize2Maximize Blueprint – so you can have a business that functions like a well-oiled machine – at its optimum capacity.


What would it feel like to have a business that works for you day and night – without you constantly having to micromanage everything (and everyone)? To finally have the time to broaden your vision, to brainstorm your next big idea or approach a new opportunity? What would it do for your business and for you as a CEO to be able to not just look at but use your numbers to make decisions confidently and swiftly? Finally, what would it feel like to have control of your business as a whole and know which moves you can make and when?

If you are like most of our clients, the reason you started your business in the first place – aside from solving your customers’ problems – was to “achieve financial freedom”, “be your own boss” and “do what you love.” Somewhere along the way though, the big vision may have been drowned out by the everyday noise.

We don’t know where you currently are, but our experience tells us that most business owners run into several different challenges over the course of launching and growing their business. Whether your business is bleeding cash, you can’t make sense of your numbers, your systems aren’t working, or you are in charge of everything in your business – you are not alone.

Or maybe everything is working fine but you have this nagging feeling that your business isn’t reaching its full potential. You are not alone there either. Every business owner experiences challenges and missed opportunities, and every business owner makes mistakes.

But not every business owner takes the steps to do something about it.

We are glad that YOU are HERE!


You want to transform your business into your most valuable asset and maximize its impact in your personal life, in your family and in your community. 

And that’s why WE are here. Our story for the past 20+ years has been the same – optimizing our clients’ businesses to maximize their personal wealth. In the process, we untangle your accounting, optimize key systems in your business (inside and outside your finance department), help you shift your mindset to go from chief everything officer to becoming the uppercase CEO, find the right help in every area of your business with our partner network, and finally offer our loyal, candid, and unwavering partnership and friendship – so you never feel alone.



Your business matters. (And so does your sanity.)


Time to reclaim your mental freedom and bring back the big dreams.


Our Philosophy

Your business is your key asset

When it comes to looking at your personal financial statement, do you recognize your business as your top financial asset? Our passion is guiding business owners like you along the path to creating a business that can function without you. An asset you can pass to the next generation or sell. We also believe the time to prepare for this transition is not a month before it happens. It’s now. Even if you’ve only been in business for a few years, we’ll show you how to transform your business from solely an income source (job) that demands your constant attention into an asset that works overtime for YOU. Everything we do keeps this ultimate goal in focus.

Numbers are more than just history

They are more than a decoration on a report. Numbers have power. When we look at your numbers, we see a reflection of your systems, capabilities, challenges and opportunities. We believe you, the business owner, need to understand how to use your data to make everyday business decisions and we passionately show you how to do that correctly.

Business is built on partnerships not transactions.

We approach every opportunity as a long-term partnership. While some of our services can be best described as rescue missions, we work hard to earn your trust so we can continue helping you grow the value of your business. We also strongly believe that just like in any relationship, both parties deserve to be happy. If we determine that we are not the right fit – we’ll let you know.

Business transformation requires a 360 perspective.

In other words, financial, strategic and operations perspectives need to align. Just because a move looks good to your marketing department doesn’t mean you can afford it, and just because accounting says you don’t have the cash to take a strategic step, doesn’t mean there aren’t creative solutions you can tap into.

As battle-tested business engineers, we help you assess ideas and decisions by using your numbers. As 360 business advisors, we address strategy and financial planning in tandem – whether we’re talking about overall growth strategy, updating equipment, paying off a loan, hiring a team member or expanding to a new location. We look at the big picture while balancing (sometimes conflicting) perspectives.

In every mistake, there’s a lesson that can propel your business

We meticulously analyze mistakes – our own, competitors’, clients’ or the next business making the news – and take calculated actions to avoid them in the future. We use these experiences and discoveries to help our clients avoid the same pitfalls by taking proactive steps to reduce waste, increase efficiency, improve customer service and optimize the business as a whole.

What’s your biggest challenge?

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