Transform your business into your most valuable asset. Transform yourself into the uppercase CEO.

At My Valuable Business, we help results-driven 6 and 7-figure business owners optimize cash flow, profit, growth, and themselves to maximize the value of their business and achieve their vision of success.

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Build your 7+ figure business with Optimize2Maximize

A proven industry-agnostic framework guaranteed to work for any business, in any economy

Build your 7+ figure business with Optimize2Maximize Blueprint – a unique framework that’s been battle-tested over the past 20 years. With Optimize2Maximize, you can start where you’re at, resolve pressing challenges, make the most of opportunities, and work strategically on growing your business and multiplying the value of your company under expert guidance. This transformational system has worked for hundreds of businesses in 20+ industries – and it will work for you, too!

Facing one or more of these challenges?

Poor Cash Flow

Not understanding your numbers

Low or inconsistent margins

Inconsistent Revenue

Don't know how to grow or scale

Not sure how to maximize the sale of your business

Spending too much time working in your business instead of on it

Don't know how to buy a business

Overcome your challenges and get the results you want in your business with Optimize2Maximize!

Schedule an introductory strategy session with a business engineer today! During this free session, we’ll go over your goals and challenges and offer a basic game plan to help you take your business to the next level!

Our books were in disarray.  We had no faith in our numbers.  The MVB team held our feet to the fire, and now we can rely on our numbers to make sound, smart business decisions.  The MVB team got us caught-up, organized, and on the right path for smart growth.  

Bill Robertson


Working with Demet and his team, we were able to increase the value of our company 10-fold. After just 3 short years implementing the Optimize2Maximize Blueprint, we received an unsolicited offer to purchase our company for $6M – significantly greater than the industry average. 

Bernard Young

O3 Technologies

The whole package to maximize your business

A roadmap to success - customized to your business

You can’t get where you’re going without a map. The Optimize2Maximize Blueprint is your roadmap to building a successful 7+ figure business. Assess the state of your business and set reasonable, achievable and realistic goals. Identify solutions and develop an action plan to reach your goals. Design. Build. Adjust.


Your complete toolkit to help your business survive, grow, and thrive

The right tools and strategies can make a difference between getting somewhere quicker or not getting there at all. Get access to the best tools for the job, no matter what stage of the journey you’re on. Bring together vision, systems and numbers to accelerate growth and build the value of your business strategically.

A dedicated team that is just right for you - at every stage

You can’t get there alone.
Get access to a dedicated business engineer to design and implement your Optimize2Maximize Blueprint, and tap our advisory team – a handpicked group of passionate professionals who work with you to help you achieve success – guiding your business to the next level.

Work with Business Engineers to build your business, maximize the value of your business and multiply your net worth

Get a custom Optimize2Maximize Blueprint that shows you the exact roadmap to  optimize the fundamental components of your business – cash flow, profit, growth and you, the owner – to maximize the value of your business and grow your legacy.


Know your numbers - what they mean and how to use them


Stabilize cash flow


Increase profitability


Know exactly when and how to grow profitably


Build the value of your business to increase your personal net worth


Buy, sell or merge with confidence - be sure you are getting the best deal

Tired of spinning your wheels? Start optimizing your business today!

Become the uppercase CEO

Growing, expanding and transforming your business into the high-value asset it can be, relies largely on building a great team that has your back. You will never fulfill your vision if you are constantly stuck working in your business. We help you get out of the vicious cycle of keeping all the balls in the air, allowing you to put on your uppercase CEO hat for good.

Adding YOU to the equation

Your personal success matters

There is more to you than your business. You are a parent, a son or a daughter, a spouse, a friend. Whether we are coaching, mentoring, planning an exit, or figuring out if you can pull extra cash out of your business, we keep your personal goals in mind, and help you come up with creative solutions to reach them while making the best decisions for your business.


Ready to optimize your business and yourself to maximize your wealth? 

Join other business owners who are getting results

Before we started with Demet and MVB, we knew where we wanted to be in 10 years, but we were not sure how we were going to get there.  Sitting down with our Business Engineer, Demet, we hammered out a plan to get us from where we are today to where we want to be in 10 years.  Our Optimize2Maximize Blueprint has provided us with the tools we need to reach our goals.  We now use our retirement salary as the lens to view every business decision through. 

 Andia and George Xouris
Andia’s Homemade Ice Cream

Just one short session with one of  MVB business engineers was a huge game changer!

Elina VanNatta
Creative Shock Marketing

As a start-up and first-time business owner, I found the MVB team instrumental in getting us set up right from the start.  Karen’s years of experience were extremely helpful during the start-up stages of the business.  We know we are on the right track with Karen on our team, keeping us accountable and true to our numbers.  Don Hunt, OnSpot Dermatology

Don Hunt
OnSpot Dermatology

Meet your Business Engineers


At My Valuable Business, we are Business Engineers. Work with us to build your business in the right order, starting with a solid foundation. Whether you are surviving, actively growing your business, maintaining or exiting, we are here to help.

We work to empower every business owner we meet to transform their relationship with their business and treat their business as their most valuable asset, while training them to become the uppercase CEO.

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